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Hello. I like to draw and take photos. I also go on occasional adventures.

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Whaaaaaaa you were in Vegas? Only three hours away from me. Nooooooo ;A;;;;;

WAIT WHAT D: I was only there for a couple of days, my best friend got married there and I was the maid of honour. Man I can’t believe I was so close to you u_u I NEED TO EMAIL YOU.

the fact you used sanic instead of sonic instantly makes you waifu material

i have achieved waifu status. bow before me

This is my favourite photo from my trip to Vegas. That’s me sandwiched between Mario and Luigi. Where I have always dreamed of being.

After we took the photo, Luigi kissed the back of my hand. So go to Vegas, find the husband you were looking for all your life.

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jasmine tea
squidsticks squidsticks Said:

jasmine tea: an unpopular opinion that i have

Hmm… I always find this kinda question tough, because I guess it depends on whose standard of “unpopular” you use. Uh, well at least in my family, my unpopular opinion is that some years ago I decided that I am no longer a religious person. Both sides of my family are Roman Catholic, and on my mum’s side in particular are quite devout. Some of my family actually refused to see a female relative that they hadn’t seen in maybe 15-20 years because she came over with her boyfriend and they slept in the same room together - that’s the level I’m talking about in some of the older generations. Can be a point of contention at times, like when I decline to go to church or whatever. But my dad respects that something like religion is a personal thing, and it’s up to you to figure out where you sit on that matter. So that’s all that matters to me.

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mont choco froyo and vanilla.
squidsticks squidsticks Said:

mint choco froyo: 3 things im proud of

Hmm, well I think first of all that I’m about to submit my PhD thesis. I’m pretty proud of myself for making it through the last 4 years. I’m proud of how much my art has improved since I joined Tumblr. I’m proud of my little brother for being so successful in his new job, that he looks after sick people, even though it must be super hard since every day must remind him of our mum.

vanilla: how i found your blog

WELL that was because you were the guy who drew awesome Luna stuff in the dota2 tag :D The rest is HISTORY, as they say.

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I just needed to do this, ok? I want to touch Skywrath’s fluffy hair.

Seriously, I’ll stop posting now. It’s like, nothing for a few months then THREE IN 24 HOURS. I’m sorry. Not for the topless Skywrath, though.


I don’t know why, but whenever I need to blow off steam, I always want to draw QoP looking badass.

I played a solo game of Dota yesterday, and it was pretty close. The Riki on the other team was starting to get out of control… Then he bought a Rapier. And dropped it. And our Radiance-wielding Naga picked it up. The game was over fairly quickly after that. As CM, this was pretty much my contribution to the last 5-10 minutes of the game.

I like to think that supports satisfy their bloodlust vicariously through their carries.

So I had an inspiration to draw something original for the first time in possibly years, and it’s kinda boring and I also don’t know how to draw anymore apparently. I used to be really creative, but I feel like that burnt out some time ago. Nothing is coming out right lately either.

I’M SORRY I’M WHINING I’m just frustrated with many things, and art is usually my outlet but it’s just making me more upset so now I’ve resorted to MAKING WORDS and things.

#3902940294 of the Unfinished Sketch Series.

HI GUYS I am back from various travels. I took this little sketchbook with me and did a lot of quick life drawings of people that I saw, and I think I really needed it. It was kinda weird drawing with a tablet again, actually haha, but the life drawing I think helped me work out a few mistakes I was consistently making when drawing faces. Not that this is perfect, but I focused on the points I was struggling with previously so let’s call it an improvement.

The Featherfall set for Windranger is so cool I wish I had it ; ;

Glass flowers on the ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

(also, I’m back home. Hi!)

I’m waiting for a flight out of Gatwick Airport and wanted to buy myself a little sketchpad to keep me occupied. I walk into W H Smith and see these two. I can’t help but feel a little sad… Is there really any need for gender segregated colouring books? I mean, most of the stuff on either cover is pretty gender neutral to most people’s standards. I also found the use of the word “beautiful” on the girl’s one kind of interesting, in a really depressing sort of way.

In the Lake District for a little break with boyfriend’s family. This is from the upper viewing area at the osprey nesting site in Dodd Wood, next to Bassenthwaite Lake. (We did see ospreys!)

30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 2: Your favourite character

There were many contenders for this, but I love water Pokemon and their red-haired goddess too much. I tried out a new technique in Sai for this, with mixed success.

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