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Hello. I like to draw and take photos. I also go on occasional adventures.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY of-art-and-tea! Yes, birthday is totally today and was not on Thursday.

Blah, I was going to have something ready for your actual birthday, but I ended up having a deadline for some edits on Friday so I never found the time. ANYWAY I love how James not only honours Luna’s lore that says she’s an army general, but designs rad armour for her too. I had a go at my own design, so this is meant to be like one of those military portraits. I’m sorry it’s kinda rushed, but I wanted to make something for my lovely friend’s birthday D:

Also, hi I’m alive, I’m almost done with everything and I’ll be back to arting soon!

Hi guys, just a little announcement. I’m taking a break from, well, the internet for a bit. I suffer from anxiety, which has flared up pretty bad recently. I know it probably has everything to do with the fact that my thesis deadline is 1st November, but aspects of being part of some online communities seem to have aggravated it a lot. So I am making the decision to look after myself and “log off” for a bit. I would like to be back in November so I can celebrate completing my PhD, but I don’t want to push myself.

If you do wanna keep in touch, I’ll probably still open Steam from time to time, my user name is squidstcks and I use the same avatar as I do here. Feel free to add me, but I probably won’t be on that often.

Anyway, since there’s a bunch of people on Tumblr I’d consider friends but have no other means of communicating with, I thought I’d write a little message.

See you all in a bit!

Asker talrin Asks:
I just had a thought, have I missed your spawning day this year?
squidsticks squidsticks Said:

Ah yes, my spawning day is early in the year, 22nd February… however, I do recall a rather lovely Crystal Maiden sketch from you! Now, I know that your birthday is around this time of year, you may need to refresh my memory on that one :D

fuck you you’re not my real dad

If you love waterfalls, then Iceland has got you covered. This is Seljalandsfoss, located just off the main Ring Road, about an hour and a half drive from Reykjavik. While not the largest waterfall Iceland has to offer at a 60m drop, it’s still an incredibly magical place. The water comes directly out of the cliff face over what used to be Iceland’s coastline, collecting into a plunge pool surrounded by buttercups. Most of all, you can actually walk behind it, which was SO cool, though pretty wet! It was definitely one of our favourite and most memorable experiences from our time in Iceland.

(There’s not gonna be much art for a while, so thought I’d post some photos. If people are interested in this stuff, I’ll post some more!)

bagelinacan replied to your post:Ugh jeez, there’s a thread about gender…

This might be more of a personal opinion and it’s only one hero but I feel like legion commander smashes pretty much all of the regular sterotypes (well except your point about her being humanoid, dont think she was made as fan service tho.)

I was really happy when Legion was released because, yeah, she’s a melee, armoured Strength hero! And that’s not a role we normally see being filled by a woman (and a non-white woman at that). But she is still young, pretty, slim, and… gah that BOOB PLATE. It felt like they tried, but still ultimately missed the point..

Ugh jeez, there’s a thread about gender representation on the Dota 2 sub-reddit, and there are a lot of people who are just like “LOL who cares about gender representation, this is stupid.”

The original article it’s talking about did make some bad claims about the nature of the female characters in Dota, trying to say they’re all just sidelined as supports. I mean, that’s both false, and a misunderstanding of how important supports are in the game. HOWEVER. With the exception of Spectre, Medusa and Broodmother, all the Dota ladies have been designed to cater to a young male audience. They’re all humanoid (at least in face), young-looking and attractive. A LOT of games are like that. Despite there being a lot of women who play Dota, it still feels like you’re “not supposed to”, like the game “isn’t for you”. And that’s really sad.

Good morning everyone! I’m watching the grand finals of i-League before getting back to work, and after game 2 I just had to draw Sand King. Fy too strong, man. Vici have been super impressive with both their drafts and execution, it’s been fun to watch so far! Beyond The Summit are streaming it on Twitch if you’re interested.

((oh god i love sand cats LOOK AT THEIR FLUFFY HEADS go and look))

I'd submit you cats but there's no submission box :c
squidsticks squidsticks Said:

Oh my god I didn’t even know that was an option I could enable. I’ve been on Tumblr for about a year and a half, and apparently I still know little to nothing about how it works. I am totally going to allow submissions now just to let people send me pictures of cats.

I’m kinda bummed out after some comments from someone I know about women, and specifically women in science. I’ve known the guy in a professional capacity for a few years, so it took me by surprise. It’s one thing to read stuff like that from some random commenter on the internet, I guess it’s easy for me to just roll my eyes at it and move on. But when someone you know, and thought of as a superior, makes statements about what women need to do “to be taken seriously”, it feels may more personal somehow.

Bleh, I just feel… crappy. I need to cleanse my soul, send pictures of kittens pls.

infrar-ed replied to your post:So HOLY SHIT that new patch. I’m excited to see…

I dislike the new Requiem animation, that dance is pretty silly but not in a good way.

I do prefer the old wind up animation, but I still like the new one. Overall, I think they’ve made the spell look a lot more powerful. Plus they kept the wings :D HURRAH.

lindajing replied to your post:So HOLY SHIT that new patch. I’m excited to see…


YEAH that was so cool. Maybe Tree gets played like AA now, where his purpose in life after boots is to just farm Aghs. I also thought Bane’s new Aghs effect was cool, though I know it still doesn’t make it viable. But that plus BKB and Fiend’s Grip is pretty much unbreakable. BKB Aghs new pub Bane meta B]

lindajing replied to your post:So HOLY SHIT that new patch. I’m excited to see…

Will be interesting to see how BS, PL and Riki will be now. Will be weird with the new Rosh pit and Bounty rune though @_@

Yeah, I am really curious about the rework of those heroes! I think it’s hard to judge from words exactly what the impact to them is, once we can play them it should be clearer. Overall, I feel like it’s a nerf to Riki and possibly Bloodseeker. PL rework sounds cool. New Rosh location and rune will DEFINITELY shake things up! Can’t wait to try it all out :D

So HOLY SHIT that new patch. I’m excited to see how it plays out in the pro scene, sounds like playing mid just became quite a different game.

My favourite thing is that my beloved Ogre Magee got some Icefrog love. 2.5 base regen fools, Soul Ring rush now legit SPAM ALL THE FIRES. And now that Soul Ring builds into Bloodstone, and there is a higher chance of 2x multicast, I think we all know that Core Magee will happen. (In my dreams).

ANYWAY, I thought there were some really neat changes overall. Shadow Fiend’s new model is pretty, I looked at the new effects for his spells and WOW new ult animation is gorgeous. What did you guys think of 6.82? Excited? I AM.